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If you are looking for Rebound Therapy insurance, gymnastics coach insurance, trampoline coach insurance, or virtually any other sports coach insurance, this is the page you are looking for. Gymnastics UK are pleased to advise you of Protectivity Insurance who should be able to provide liability insurance to suit your needs. If you require club or centre insurance, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Liability insurance for freelance and self employed Rebound Therapy practitioners, Sports coaches, Personal trainers and Fitness instructors

Gymnastic coaches, Trampoline coaches, Rebound Therapy practitioners, personal trainers, fitness instructors and coaches of most other sporting activities. If you are a self employed trainer or coach, it is essential that you protect yourself against potentially costly claims that may arise for third party personal injury, property loss or damage. These policies from Protectivity specialise in providing competitively priced public liability insurance, for most personal training and sporting activities, whether you are teaching children or adults.
The policy will provide automatic cover for additional teaching skills gained through CPD courses and add-on modules. Additional coaching qualifications, when obtained, are also covered under the same policy. You simply need to contact Protectivity to inform them when you gain an addional qualification.
For instant prices and immediate cover simply click on the logo below. Once payment is made your documents will be instantly sent to an email address provided.
Rebound Therapy trainer insurance


Trainers / Coaches liabilty insurance FAQ, with responses from Protectivity:

Q1) I am a Rebound Therapy trainer and have taken out insurance under the Personal trainer heading. I sometimes run one-to-one sessions for clients with profound and complex needs, and sometimes lead groups of up to ten or so more able people. Is there a limit to the number of participants in my sessions or are you guided by the governing body ( recommendations?
A) We always go by your qualification/governing body rulings.

Q2) I am a Rebound Therapy trainer and have taken out insurance under the Personal trainer heading. I have now completed the ‘Rebound Plus’ CPD add-on module for teaching more able people. Will my existing Rebound Therapy ‘personal trainer’ insurance policy cover this or do I need to take out an additional policy under the Sports Coach heading?
A) Yes it would be covered under the existing policy. Again, our policy covers you for all the things your qualifications allow you to do.

Q3) I am a gymnastics coach and have completed a course with a training provider recognised by Gymnastics UK and (British Gymnastics, UK Gymnastics, Springfit Academy, Jump Space Education). I have taken out Sports Coach insurance with you. I now intend to train to become a Rebound Therapy trainer. Will my existing Sports Coach insurance with you cover this, or do I need to take out the separate ‘Personal Trainer’ insurance?
Once the trainer is qualified, all they would need to do is give us a call and we can add the rebound therapy onto their existing policy. We are able to include multiple sports under one policy as long as a trainer is qualified in each.

Q4) I have a coaching qualification that is not connected with gymnastics or Rebound Therapy (athletics or football maybe). Will my existing Sports Coach insurance with you cover me for additional qualifications I obtain in different sports or activities? (Rebound Therapy, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball for example.) Or do I need to take out an additional insurance.?
As per the last question and answer, we are able to add multiple sports and activities under one policy if they were to call us. Depending on what sport(s) is added, there may be small cost implications in adding these.

Q5) Do I need to write and tell you each time I obtain a new coaching or trainer qualification?
A) Yes, you would only just need to make us aware so we can update our records.



Liability insurance for Clubs

Gymnastic clubs, Trampolining clubs and most other sports clubs, groups and leisure facilities.
Sports equipment insurance can be included. For a club insurance proposal form, click on the logo. Your quotation will be emailed to you shortly after.
Gymnastics and Trampolining Club and Centre insurance