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Criteria for the Gymnastics (Inclusion) UK 'GymQuest' accreditation

Outlined below are the criteria that a provider will need to meet in order to achieve GymQuest Gold accreditation.

When a provider has achieved these various components satisfactorily, Gymnastics (Inclusion) UK will award the Gold accreditation certificate.

  • Coaches, Officials & Volunteers Codes of Conduct.
  • Code of Conduct for Parents / Supporters.
  • Codes of Conduct for Participants.
  • Open Constitution.
  • Equity Policy Statement.

Child / Vulnerable Person Protection

  • Child / Vulnerable Person Protection Policy Statement
  • Child / Vulnerable Person protection policy and procedures
  • Minimum of 1 child protection trained officer
  • Child Welfare Officer Appointed with Role description & Enhanced CRB / DBS Check
  • All coaches and volunteers have clear Enhanced CRB / DBS Check

Health & Safety

  • Club First Aid Procedures & Provision.
  • Emergency Procedures.
  • Registration forms for all participants including emergency Next of Kin contact details.
  • Medical questionnaire forms for all participants
  • Signed consent forms for all participants under 16 years and all others for whom it may be necessary, such as those with learning disabilities..
  • Accident / Incident report form.
  • Minimum of 1 First Aid Qualified person on duty whenever classes / sessions are running.
  • Risk Assessments for the venue.

Coaching Programme

  • At least 1 Qualified coach at a minimum of Level 2 leading all sessions.
  • Attendance Registers.
  • Role Description for all Volunteers.
  • Development programme for all participants and a method of measuring and recording progress.
  • Minimum of 1 person who has attended an approved Child Protection course.
  • Minimum of 1 person who has attended an approved Disability Awareness course.
  • All coaches have Public Liability Insurance.
  • Appropriate ratio for number of coaches to participants.
  • Development / Action Plan.

GymQuest Platinum accreditation

In order to achieve the Platinum accreditation certificate, the provider needs to achieve all the above and also show evidence that the facility is fully inclusive, i.e. that they are providing sessions for all levels of ability.

The venue will need to have accessible toilets, a wheelchair ramp and a hygienic pad disposal system.

They will also need to show that they are accommodating fully able people.

Mixed ability classes where people with special needs share the same class as mainstream siblings or friends is also a desirable facility.